Sunday, December 16, 2007

futurism vs. passeism

i've been listening to a lot of blonde redhead lately, a reminder that i too, was once 15 and incredibly moody. and as i'm trying to think of a way to close this out, i have been taking stock of the projects i've been doing:

- digital zine unit plan utilizing the conception of voice and writing workshops for peer and self evaluation of portfolio work. integrating web 2.0 tools into their productions so that they can have creative control of the medium that their writing best represents. (the possibilities are endless, how do i scaffold?)
- movie starring some very special 3rd and 4th graders.
- burning 20 copies of said movie for parents, as fundraiser for class.
- video starring our 4th and 5th hour, to be played for them on the last day before winter break.
- rwt, which i am *enjoying* putting together?!?
- DVD of kitze's and my semester so far.
- finish knitting scarf for kitze.
- myspace-ing my students. having j. send me an message today saying, "Miss, I promise to be better in class. It will start right now." after I pulled him out of class on Thursday.
- writing a grant for 3 books I will need in the spring.
- setting up gradual roots in cali.
- creative presents for the close few who love the made tokens.
- writing letters.
- reading for fun.
- blogging like a maniac.

only 4 on that list are sans technology, as in, technology that i have been loaned by this program. knitting, crafting, writing, reading. i've always been the same, i just keep finding more ways to express myself. writing lessons has become an obsession. collecting resources my hobby.

and yes, i've answered my own question. small increments of contact can sustain you for this long. i am proud of myself for looking forward. i've had a breakthrough. and i love my life. it always comes together in the end. i have been charmed.



Jeff Stanzler said...

I'm so sorry that I didn't have the chance to be there for your presentation, Lauren, and I look forward to catching up with what you did in your partnership placement, and what kind of sense you've made of it, future inspirations, etc.

buffi simone said...

hey lady!!! missin NY a little, but loving dubai! happy holidays lots of hugs and kisses,