Friday, November 12, 2010

we all fall down, like toy soldiers.

welcome to november, and a time of rebirth. november 18th, we will grab wings and fly to florida to talk about what we do. sometimes it's hard to give words to what we've created, but i feel confident in our skills to express life and learning. we have talked of codes, code-switching and the importance of understanding audience in our writing, we have given wiring to our words and are moving forward.

i feel like i'm in charge this year. my classroom is the domain that we traverse together and while it can sometimes be rocky terrain, i feel like we're climbing this mountain in unison. next year i'll climb that mountain in africa that has always called my name, but for now, my mountain is 6 flights of stairs at a bronx school i call home.

we open up with reading, then a reading response in which i hope that you reflect on the plot and how you see it. i see text to self and text to world connections and eventually, you will see them with me. i hope that the poetry will find you in the moments that you least expect it, and that publishing will become a common event. then we will start growing our skills as writers.

join me. keep making it visible with you words...


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