Thursday, April 5, 2012

National Poetry Month!

I am excited for national poetry month this year, and because I seem to be writing so many essays and manifestos lately, I want to return to my original love and do the Poem-A-Day contest. I'm encouraging my students to complete this challenge for extra credit as well, and I hope a few of them take me up on it. I'm a few days behind so I'll have to catch up... but here are some National Poetry Month resources if you're interested for your own writing, or for your classroom. - Gives you ideas for every day and place to register your blog/website so others participating can read your poems. - is Writers' Digest's Poem-A-Day Challenge - celebrates National Poetry Month.

Here is my first poem -- I'll be back with a few poems a day until I catch up.

April 4th
a community shares the mic
and cafeteria tables in the
run-down multi-purpose room.
faded fruit and
vegetable murals peeling on
the salmon walls do not
reflect the vibrant feeling.
tonight we spoke from
our hearts and from
the bottoms of our
souls, where we store
our morals.
justice begins by
moving our feet.

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