Wednesday, December 5, 2012

on googling oneself

it has come to pass that i will google myself from time to time.  sometimes these searches uncover old blog entries from 1999 that i can't believe are still archived somewhere in cyberspace - for they are inane and probably embarrassing, were i to read them.  sometimes i am performing these searches for curiosity, but mostly around the time that i might be applying for a job, to see what potential employers would see were they to google me.   do employers do this anymore?  i'm not sure.  but my students do, i learned last week, when i assigned a memoir to them and preceded the assignment with the story of my leg injury from 2008.  i facetiously mentioned "crime scene photos" referring to the photos that i took of the accident in order to document it, and they dutifully browsed on over to google to see if they could search news stories from the Bronx that would tell the harrowing tale of my violent confrontation with... a midget?  a chainsaw? Edward Scissorhands?  they weren't sure.

in a recent google search, i also happened upon a library catalog of every zine and chapbook i've ever published, which was enormously exciting to me, to know that even if only on the internet, somewhere in history i am listed as an author of 8 books.  time collapsed as these "books" were succinctly described to curious searchers (i.e. me) and i remembered cutting, pasting, drawing, copying and stapling my publications together so many years ago.

two more recent finds that made me a little teary were as follows:

the PBS News Hour report that featured my classroom in 2011...

my acceptance speech for the Courageous Educator award that I received on the morning of my wedding, with my husband-to-be, parents and grandparents in attendance...

moral of the story - i should google myself every once in awhile, to remember some of my favorite life moments, even if no one else is searching for me :)



Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

lolosita said...

hello to you, as well. thank you for reading.