Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a classroom elegy

welcome back to my educator friends!  i enjoy the crisp air of fall during the evenings of late summer, because it signals another year of opportunity, growth and learning -- for both me and my students.  while i understand how short the breath of fresh air during summer can feel, i also have a new respect for people in other professions who do not get the glory of a well-deserved summer.  though i am still in education, i am not currently a classroom teacher, and spent my summer in programs with youth, running events with families and planning for the fall - so my vacation was lived in weekend getaways up north or day trips to my favorite Michigan places.

this year, we have lofty goals in our program to increase our connection to the school day, so that we are reflecting routines and habits of mind that classroom teachers are using, and to increase and invite parent connections in our program - so that there begins to be parity between what we're teaching and the messages students are getting at home.  we have a unique position as an after-school program that requires our parents to pick-up, that we see them on a daily basis.  we're also looking to build community partnerships in Wayne and Westland, so that we can build our community action club and youth advisory council's connections to life outside of our program.

more updates coming soon!  good luck setting up your classrooms (for those in NYC) and on your opening days with kids (in Michigan).  may it be a great fall of questioning, reading, writing and understanding a little more each day.


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