Sunday, February 16, 2014

gemini rising

there are simultaneously two things happening in my mind.

1) mourning the decision finding Jordan Davis's killer not guilty.  this part speaks of the unspeakable pain and suffering of losing a child, that so many people experience daily in our collective past.  the system is not broken, it is functioning exactly as it was designed:
On the Killing of Jordan Davis

2) envisioning a future of peace and non-violence.  this part has to exist, or i would be catatonically depressed at the state of our nation and of our world.  the violence seems unceasing, but i have to believe that it is possible to make change.  for me, it is just one person at a time.  my contributions are small, but i am vibrantly, electrically overjoyed about the blessings i have in my life.
Pharrell Williams - Happy

it is difficult to have these things co-exist, but one thing that i have learned this year is that life is not either/or, it is both/and.  it is moments like this when i remember that i am a gemini.   good morning. :)

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