Friday, June 5, 2015

shifting back... twisting forward.

this marks the end of an audience for my blog, but it has been a nice run.  the end of the year is approaching, so i will write about 50 reflections on how it went.  i'm such a nerd.  i'm already working on next year and what i will change, how things will be different, moving around books and units, trying to work new ideas into this.  how can i continue to bring in historical context, but also talk about current topics and issues, keep a pulse on music and its intersection with life?

i was going to apply to this amazing program called Write A House in Detroit, because i do want to set roots and also be working in education there, even as i continue teaching at BAL.  if i had a house there, we could live there during summers, begin the community space we want to (which includes foster/shelter space), spend breaks there but hire other folks to run and care for the house.  right now i feel at home in my life, and i am not looking to open it up any more, but maybe someday...

the risks that i want to take, however, are in my writing, and i don't feel like i had any writing that was solid enough to submit.  i wouldn't have won, but i should have submitted.  it's been a semester of making excuses, but my life is mine to take by the reins.  i say this every year, but it's really time to get organized.

i have a big summer bucket list.  there is so much that i WILL get done.  with my kids in tow, with a killer tan, all smiles and sunglasses, all music and mango.

- figment art festival
- brooklyn promenade
- coney island w/ nas, sali and mohammad
- rockaways
- orchard beach
- liberty science center
- newport beach, jc
- jersey shore
- traverse city
- detroit
- soccer in lincoln park - 3x a week
- the heights
- egyptian festival
- bday brunch
- visit: baby mama and joe, jingy, amama/papa, elena, amanda & karl, jyna, jos, keisha, grandma and grandpa (flynn and fardig), amy and mani, danny and randi, gen, dario and michael, nicco, lindsey, t'ai jamar, maija g.,
- cleaning/organizing house
- curriculum planning
- UP summer mural and next year

the work never stops, but neither does the fun.  night night.

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