Tuesday, September 20, 2016

how many blocks

How many blocks
stopped and searched 
because they fear us?
How many "officer,
please don't shoot"s
How many brown boys
at the precinct,
locked up for weed?
How many hearts
race when you see 
them come for you,
and you reek?
How many illegal 
traffic stops?
Shots into wrong houses,
Girls and grandmas 
at the morgue
on Sunday afternoons?
How many shots fired? 

How many applications
denied? Dreams voided?
Cell doors slammed
in terrified faces? 
How many schools 
How many pipelines
to our destruction
with lead,
and fluoride...
How many shots fired?


Kyannah said...

this was really devastating. Actually this put me into reality. Never thought anyone else would notice what i been seeing what i've witnessed. The struggle is real out here. All we can do is pray to be as humble as you can when it comes to a police officers.Lets make the community better. Lets work together. Let us come together and turn everything from wrong to right.

carlos valera said...

this is real facts. People don't realize what society is coming to because of officers thinking that we trying to be bad out in the streets. Some people trying to pay rent by selling weed. We have to come together and be with each other as one because our minds is more powerful than their guns.