Monday, September 3, 2018

Karaoke at the Blind Pig

I never go out anymore.  I am the true introvert that I always dreamed of being, despite social tendencies before having children.  So, a text from B about her birthday karaoke at everyone's favorite bar was right on time.   It is so hard to reconcile myself with who I have become.  I miss my friends.  I miss having things to say to them.  I miss talking about things other than my kids.  I miss a functioning brain.

So, I didn't get onstage, but I did sing along and cheer my friends on as they sang, and it was beautiful to have a moment to myself, by myself, catching up with people I love so much and never get to see.  I aim to always keep myself alive, but it's difficult to not let your identity meld with parenthood.  Who am I without my kids?  I don't even know anymore.

All I really know is that Bianca and Noah singing 'Tenderoni' and Annes singing 'Eighteen and Life' was exactly what I needed in my life and it's so, so good to be home.

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