Friday, November 2, 2007

claymation and playmation

yay to claymation! katie j. and i had a lot of fun making this lil nugget, using i-movie and stop-animation... i feel that stop animation videos will be making many blog appearances in the future, as they are time consuming, but incredibly fun! i hope i can find a way to use them with my students, who are always talking about how they want to do dioramas and creative projects, maybe they can use this to illustrate a scene from a novel we're working on (the watsons go to birmingham?) i would have to think of ways for everyone to work on one... such as some people being responsible for creating the figures, some people taking photos, some people working on set, some people responsible for the final edit/music/etc. maybe i could work with mr. dominguez in the mac lab at school, so that more students could be involved, taking the rough material and making it their own through the editing process. that would be pretty cool!

i also wanted to talk about my day at roosevelt elementary... we are working on producing two plays; i'll be making them into movies and showing them publicly at the school in the beginning of december (it's on a friday morning, if anyone wants to go to the final viewing!). today i worked with 9 students; we did a reading of the script and the kids were so cute, so dramatic! we rehearsed "the billy goats gruff", assigned parts, understudies and backstage crew to help with direction, sets, costumes, etc. we brainstormed for some set and costume ideas and i had both the actors and the understudies first do a read-through (while sitting at a conference table, they felt so grown up!) and then started to mark it out... showing me where the bridge should be that the goats trot, trot, trot over and what other types of set requirements they had for their "masterpiece". i'm trying to be helpful in giving them direction but also let them be creative with it, as they have a lot of great ideas. 3rd and 4th graders are so much fun, and it was cute that they were very excited to see me, even though they'd only just met me last week. and elementary school kids are fun because you just have to act excited, and that excitement will radiate, and absorb into them.

not to mention, carrie is a really wonderful teacher. she has the kids in very strong routines that are incredibly effective, from quieting them down to communicating with them about cleaning up, how much time is left, and she does this call and response thing with them, as well as has a class currency, where students earn them for positive behavior, answering a question correctly, listening attentively, etc. and have to give them up for unruly behavior, or to buy supplies and fun things (cool pencil cases, erasers, computer time, etc.) i remember doing something like that in 5th grade, but it wasn't worked so completely into every aspect of the classroom. anyway, i'm excited to go back next week.

and now to stop procrastinating on completing my text analysis.



Jon said...

haha... fantastic job

Liz Kolb, Ph.D. said...

This is fantastic! I feel as though your claymation is the 21st Century Schoolhouse Rock! I think your students would enjoy watching and creating their own for a different literacy concept. Actually, I was thinking after watching your video and Katie/Coleen's on Commas, it would be fun to have a whole collection of claymation concepts for students to use as a reference. It might be more fun and motivating to watch the videos to learn the concepts than to read the definitions.

Coleen said...

Ok, after the part where you said, "Instead she said 'I am a genie in a bottle' BECAUSE..." I thought, for some reason, you were going to say, "She's a whore." But you didn't, and I'm glad because it wouldn't have made any sense.

Just thought I'd share my ramblings.

Also, dig the J5 inclusion.

peace. coleen

Jeff Stanzler said...

Lauren, I'm so pleased that you're having such fun at Roosevelt. This tech partnership thing is brand new, as you know, and I am so grateful to have someone as committed and spirited as you are helping to get things off the ground.
Besides being eager to hear more about your ongoing working wioth Carrie, here's my question:
is Lauren the MS teacher gaining anything useful from your experience with the 3-4s? I'm very curious about this...

Liz, I love your idea.
Individuals within the class add to a repertoire of little claymations that would then be available to everyone. Lauren, you would be the perfect person to coordinate this (although the fact that you *are* the perfect person has meant that you've taken on many such responsibilities, so maybe it should be someone else, eh?)

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